Data analytics
200 hours  – 4 weeks

This training will give you all the basic knowledge of data analytics. This training is specifically designed for professionals who want to upgrade their skills in data analysis so they can make the most of their work and jump to the next level. Everything that we teach in this training is used in all the companies over the world or can somehow be implemented in order to boost productivity and efficiency.
After these 4 weeks, our students will be able to create request, clean their data, explore their data in order to visualize and present their findings. Whether you are a professional in marketing, accounting, finance, community management, or any other field where data handling is required, you will leverage from this training in your job.

What is it and who is it for ?

WEECODE’s Data Analytics Bootcamp is made for all those who want to become a very attractive profile for companies and to train in the data analysis field. The needs of companies for data & business profiles are huge !
The program was designed for any employee who is interesting in boosting his career, in retraining, for anyone looking for a job with a coherent professional project or even for students in their final year.




Module 4

Why Studying Data Analytics is the Smartest Move You Could Make

As an industry, Big Data is growing at a dizzying speed, with nearly 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data produced every day, and the data galaxy doubling every couple of years. So, the ability to make sense of all this data and use it to change the way we live and interact with one another is set to inevitably become a vital part of business. A new generation of trained data experts and analysts are needed to lead the way and establish better data governance to win over consumers. You could be one of them.   

Why becoming Data Analyst ?

Take the big data turn in the companies

More than 2.7 million jobs in this sector were created in 2020, which represents growth of over 30% !

Hold a key position

Play a central role in the company by being at the heart of the overall strategy. You will create the link between the tech and business teams and you will be the most sought-after profile in data.

Enhance your profile and find a dream job

Thousands of job offers in Europe currently with an average entry salary of 40,000 € / year.

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