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We offer intensive trainings of 4 to 12 weeks as Web development, Cyber security and Data analytics.

Our trainings

Learn the skills you need to launch a new career in our campus based in Luxembourg – full time, five days a week

Web Development

Become a full-stack web developer. Learn Front-end design and Back-end architecture fundamentals using top-notch technologies. You’ll learn to code with the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript…

Data Analytics

Become a data analyst. Learn to load, clean, explore and extract valuable insights from a wide range of datasets as well as cultivate tools and languages such as Python, SQL and Tableau…

Cyber Security

Become a cyber security analyst. Learn the hands-on and practical skills necessary to land high-paying careers in cybersecurity, one of the world’s fastest growing industries. No prior knowledge or experience required. 

Achieve your goals

Create your startup !

You are ready to launch your startup and you just need to develop your website ? Join our full stack web developer program and you will be able to build your own responsive website so you can start on the right foot.

Change your life !

You feel like changing your career and retrain in the tech industry ? This Web development Bootcamp is specially made for you. You will be taught all the skills  needed to be a junior developer or get into another tech job as employee or freelance.

Boost up your career !

Add some new skills to your range of competencies to adapt to the changing tech environment or to shift towards other technical jobs such as Product Analyst, Growth Hacker, Data analyst, etc.


Make your professional career a success


At WEECODE you will study the most popular technologies that will allow you to find a job directly at the end of the training: Javascript, Python, HTML5, CSS3 …

Professional integration

We do everything we can to help you to find the job of your dreams. We organize events, analyze market offers and activate our professional network for you !

Business partners

Looking for funding for your Bootcamp? Trying to find advice on startup creation, or freelancing ? WEECODE can count on its partners to help you boost your career.

Learn by Doing

At Weecode, we emphasize on practice over theory

Theory is a key component of learning programming. However, at Weecode, we emphasize on learning by doing. Our classes are designed to provide you with 2 hours of theory per day maximum and the rest of the day will be used to put into practive what you learned ! Most of our modules have a final part where you create your own project and build it from scratch.

Build your network

Learn how to collaborate both within a team and cross-functionally

While self-learners gain their knowledge from solitude, we develop your skills by emulating real-world scenarios. Daily pair-programming exercises and collaborations with other students set you up to work easily in the tech jobs you want.

Become an expert

By the end of our intensive programs you will be fully autonom

The tech industry offers plentiful of opportunities and many different jobs. We are committed to ensuring that you will be autonom in your chosen field. Each training is designed to provide you with all the skills you need to be an expert in a particular field.

“Everybody should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”

Steve JOBS, Founder of Apple


Answers to your questions

If you got here, it means that you have questions about Weecode : how to apply, who can join, what you will learn… Here are the answsers.

How can I apply for the coding bootcamp ?

To apply for the bootcamp, you just need to complete and submit the Application Form. This is a rather quick process, that takes a few minutes. Then, you will receive a notification to let you know if you have been selected for the bootcamp.

What kind of trainings are offered ?

It depends on the program and the type of session. This starts with 4 weeks for a data analyst program, up to 9 weeks for more complex trainings such as Full Stack web development. We have full time program but we will soon offer part time program as well.

Do you accept all levels ?

Yes all levels are accepted. You will follow a quick module online to give you some basic knowledge to make sure that everybody starts with the same minimum skills.

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